Erik O. Berglund
February 27, 1948 - September 2, 2013
Mount Shasta, California

Loin de l'agitation médiatique, dans la simplicité et l'ouverture, avec un dernier sourire, le harpiste Erik Berglund s'en est allé le 2 Septembre 2013.
Ses derniers mots furent: "N'oubliez pas d'aimer. L'amour est le plus important. L'amour c'est tout!'
Erik était un harpiste mondialement renommé. Après des études classiques, il dédie sa vie et ses compostions à l'ouverture du coeur.
Ses mélodies sont empreintes de compassion et de fraternité.
Il poursuit une carrière internationale, se produisant notamment pour les cérémonies de la paix dans le monde (Unesco).
Davantage que de simples concerts, ses performances publiques étaient de véritables thérapies par le son, car Erik sublimait les vertus apaisantes de la harpe.

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Erik Berglund

One of the more well-known new age harpists, Erik Berglund was based in New York City when he released his debut album Beauty produced by Aeoliah. He would eventually relocate to Mount Shasta, California in 1991 where he recorded more albums on Aeoliah's Helios label and some for his own Elarian Unlimited. Over the course of a 30 year career, Berglund toured worldwide to promote his message of musical healing.

Erik Berglund was born in 1948 and grew up in Northfield, Minnesota just outside Minneapolis. He had two brothers and an older sister. His parents were both musical – his mother was a singer and choir director and his father Donald led the orchestra at St. Olaf College. Berglund was naturally drawn to music too, singing in the school choir and playing the violin. He was also an actor, performing as the lead in various theater productions during his youth.

After graduating college in 1970, Berglund moved to New York where he became a partner in a puppet theater, working as a writer and performer. He also acted in off-Broadway shows. Music remained a big part of his life as well. In addition to playing in a folk-rock band, he played violin in his father's orchestra and sang in choirs and Renaissance Festivals.

Around 1980, Berglund began studying the harp with Mildred Dilling and it gradually became his primary instrument. He went on to play at weddings, art openings and other events. He was also getting more interested in mediation, and played his harp for mediation groups and workshops. At a conference in Canada, he met new age musician Aeoliah who invited him to record an album. The result was Berglund's first album Beauty, recorded and produced by Aeoliah at his studio in Mount Shasta, California. Aeoliah helped him get it released on Sona Gaia, Aeoliah's label at the time. The album sold fairly well and helped to kick-start a long career for Berglund in the new age scene.

Berglund's next release was a guided mediation tape with Jon Shore called Developing Intuition, followed by his breakout album, Angelic Harp Music again recorded and produced by Aeoliah. Advertised as "a devotional offering to the angelic realms," the album showed Berglund's thematic interest in angels, which marked much of his subsequent work.

By the end of the decade, Berglund decided to leave New York and dedicate his life to healing. According to an archived article on his now defunct website, "his first reported healing was something he stumbled upon while on a trip to the Andes Mountains in Venezuela in June, 1989. A person he met there asked Berglund to help him with a physical affliction. 'I said, 'I can't do anything, but let's ask God and we'll see what he can do,' he said. Three months later, the group paid Berglund's way back to Venezuela for what Berglund thought was a harp concert, but to his amazement, found a crowd lined up outside his door, including doctors and lawyers, wanting to be healed."

Berglund would eventually settle in Mount Shasta, California in 1991. There he continued to work as a musical healer, often working with clients suffering from trauma. He also hosted the Mount Shasta Millennium, a gathering of light workers, and developed various healing workshops. His first two albums of the decade were again popular, with the all original Angel Beauty being a favorite of many reviewers, such as Ken Gruen in New Frontier who called it "one of the best and most beautiful new releases of 1993."

While Berglund continued to release CD's into the ensuing decades, putting out his final CD in 2009. He toured worldwide, playing in Canada, Europe, and South America. Berglund passed away in 2013 of cancer. He was working on an album at the time but it was never released. He was 65 years old.

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Le mantra Gâyâtri

Le mantra Gâyâtri


Le mantra Gâyâtri est un mantra universel; il n'est assigné a aucun dogme religieux, ni quelques communautés que ce soit. Il a pour but de purifier voire nettoyer les impuretés inhérentes à "Homme" : égoïsme, cupidité, haine, autant d'actions qui engendrent des pensées négatives.
Nous accédons à la méditation en écoutant et récitant le Gâyâtri Mantra; celui-ci nous invite à la prière, permettant ainsi de nous reconnecter à la lumière afin de sortir du marasme sociétal impliquant la peur, la colère, l'intolérance et par conséquent, retrouver sagesse et connaissance. Sur you tube vous trouvez plusieurs versions du mantra par exemple :